The Winscape application splits the source footage (stills, video, whatever Quicktime will show) onto up to 6 connected displays according to the dimensions that you configure it with.  It can interface with a Kinect sensor via USB for tracking purposes.  It also provides a web service interface for remote control of scene selection and a sleep/shut down commands.  The associated Winscape Remote iPhone application can perform these functions with a better UI.

The Winscape Application:

Winscape v4

System requirements are OS X Snow Leopard 10.6, Lion 10.7, or Mountain Lion 10.8.

*note that Lion 10.7.4 introduced a video performance degradation, so avoid it for now if you can*

Kinect tracking requires Xbox Kinect Model 1414.  Winscape does not yet work with the newer Xbox Kinect Model 1473.  You can identify the model number underneath the base of the Kinect sensor.

The Winscape application is trial-ware that functions without nagging for 30 runs.  After 30 runs, text will be displayed on the screen with a reminder of the license terms. 

Finding Winscape useful?  Purchase a license!

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